George “Red” Mustato

George “Red” Mustato

George “Red” Mustato, one of the names that often comes up when we mention boxing in Timmins, George “Red” Mustato. Geroge was a heavyweight Champion in the Maritimes during World War II.

He received a Certificate of Merit from the Government of Canada in 1988 for community contributions. He was also inducted into a short lived Canadian Boxing Hall of Fame. Geroge had boxing clinics and clubs in many locations, from the 1950’s to the day he passed away in 1995 at the age of 78. He also had a popular weekly sports column in The Daily Press.

Perhaps this submitted poem sums him up best:
“He spent all his time in the gym with the boys, while others were at parties and beaches. He worked with kids to build better men, HIs nights were spent writing columns and speeches. He’s gone now, we hear, but he seems very near. As we gaze at momentos, and trophies in bunches, He would give you advice without thinking twice: “Kid, hang in there, but roll with the

Now the great fight is over, the champion is named, It’s Red’s hand the referee raises, forever in
our hearts he is famed”.


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June 15, 2015