South Porcupine Gold Bears

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South Porcupine Gold Bears

South Porcupine Gold Kings, the team defeated Toronto Dorset Park for the All-Ontario Juvenile Championship and the Victory Trophy in 1972-73.

Back Row:
Ted Zajac; Randy Stojkiewiez; Bill Holm; Dennis Wagner; Jim Magee; John Bohdanec; Bill Aird Sr.;

Middle Row:
Archie Chornobey; Bill Laffin; Bill Hamilton; Greg Toal; Dave Porko; Kevin Osmars; Rob Brooks; Paul Murphy; Bud Stefanski; Trainer Cee Whitehead; Manager Harry Coott; Larry Hamilton;

Front Row:
Bill Aird Jr.; Rob Dubeau; Bill Holmes; Coach Guy Lahaie; Don Labreche; Dan Montrose; Paul Harrison


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June 15, 2015